Most Beautiful Wives and Girlfriends of Football Players

Usually, if we talk about beautiful wives and girlfriends of football players the first woman that comes to mind is Victoria Beckham. This marvelous woman is successful and famous to such an extent that if we say “a wife of a football player,” we mean “Victoria Beckham.” Of course, she is a gorgeous wife of one of the sexiest and richest players in the world. They have been together for 20 years! And despite any gossips, they are considered to be the strongest couple and the best family having 4 beautiful children. In general, if Posh decided to go to the field herself, she would definitely be the captain of the women’s “dream team.” But today we are going to talk about other insanely beautiful women that are wives and girlfriends of today’s famous football players. Who knows, maybe one day they will outshine Victoria Beckham’s star.

10. Outside of the field, Real Madrid’s captain Sergio Ramos is an exemplary family man. He gives all of his free time to his two sons and his wife. So, his wife is a leading journalist Pilar Rubio who is older than her husband for eight years. But the age difference does not prevent her from remaining one of the hottest wives of football players according to various publications. This stunning woman with her slim figure still is a welcome quest for many men-magazines’ covers.
9. Sarah Carbonero is a Spanish model and a journalist. She is a girl of a passer Iker Casillas, who is the goalkeeper and captain of the Real Madrid team, ranked eighth. According to some sources, “during the 2010 World Cup, during the match between Spain and Switzerland, distracted Iker Casillas which led to an unexpected victory of the Swiss national team. This caused a scandal not only in Spain but also all over the world.”
8. Ana Ivanovich, a marvelous wife of Bastian Schweinsteiger. Sarah Carbonero was leading in all ratings like this until Ana Ivanovich appeared. The Serbian tennis player was tired of an out-of-date war with Mary Sharapova for the title of the sexiest in her sport and decided to try her in a new sport which she has soon conquered. And now she is deservedly considered to be one of the sexiest women in the world.
7. Carolina Selico is a girl from a rich Spanish family that has become famous for her romance with the midfielder of Real Madrid, a football player Kaka. They have been married for 10 years and had 2 beautiful children. Unfortunately, the two had a divorce in 2015. Yet this does not prevent Carolina from occupying a solid 7th place at this list of the most beautiful wives of football players.
6. The famous owner of Grammy, Latino-American beauty Shakira. Beginning with the year 2010, the star has been in a relationship with the defender of Barcelona Gerard Pique. Their relationship is not hindered even by a ten-year age difference. Shakira always accompanies Peak during the games tour, thus encouraging the team and the entire stadium with her presence. A beautiful singer and stunning woman! Shakira is in the 6th place.
5. Gianluigi Buffon, the goalkeeper of the Italian team Juventus has been always grabbing the attention of young beauties. Yet she loves one of them more than anyone. His beautiful wife, Elena Seredova, conquered his heart and the place in our rating. Elena is a Czech model, currently living in Italy. But she travels often to accompany his spouse in the Serie A games with his sons. If you like Slavic girls like Gianluigi, you can check online Ukraine dating sites and maybe find your love there!
4. Mikela Kvatrotokka. Despite some not so successful stages of his career, Alberto Aquilani can always remember that he has a gorgeous wife and be constantly happy. Mikela and her husband have two daughters Aurora and Diamant, but the woman did not leave the model career.
3. Abby Clancy. Despite the birth of two daughters, Abby Clancy remains incredibly sexy and continues her model career, similarly to her predecessor in this list. In the distant 2007 year, HFM included her on the list of 100 sexiest girls of the planet, and to this day, she is a proud owner of this status.
2. Sephora Coman, Kingsley Comman’s wife. Despite the young age, Bavaria’s winger was already married, and he even has an 18-month-old daughter. He does not have a family life, according to the latest news, he was accused of domestic violence and agreed to pay a fine of 5,000 euros. However, this does not cancel the fact that his today’s wife (maybe soon the former one) is simply stunning.
1. The first place has been owned by the wife of a football player David Beckham – Victoria Beckham, she has been successfully combining his career in Spice Girls and the job of a famous fashion designer. Absolutely a woman to get inspiration from!