Manchester United surpassed by Real Madrid as the most valuable brand

Surveys show that football is the most popular sport all over the world. By most popular we mean the most watched, the most played, and the sport with the most passionate fans. If it were to rank them by fans, soccer has an estimated number of 3.5 billion fans, while basketball is somewhere around 400 million.

Besides that, when it comes to betting, football is definitely the first choice. Fans check out the odds, closely follow their favourite teams, and consult various bookies to make sure that they place the best bet. With the offers the online casino have, even starters can find out if the luck is on their side.
Even though you are not an enthusiast, you have probably heard of Manchester United, Real Madrid or Barcelona. Besides the fact that they have some of the best players in the world, these clubs along with others, are considered the most valuable football brands. The world’s leading independent brand valuation consultancy, Brand Finance, made an annual report on the strongest football clubs and you will be surprised to find out that Manchester United is no longer on the first position.
According to Brand Finance, this giant was surpassed by Real Madrid that is now worth a staggering €1.646 billion. Their triumph in the Champions League last seasons was surely an important element that helped to put them first on the list. Bryn Anderson, direct of Brand Finance said that “The most successful club in the history of European football is finally reaping the benefits of decades of spectacular on-and-off-pitch performance.”

Manchester United does not go so low and it holds the second position with a worth of €1.472 billion but lost ground by 5.8%. Spain is definitely a big name in the industry and as the third team, we have Barcelona with an estimated value of €1.393 billion. Bayern Munich is close behind with a value of €1.314 billion, followed by Manchester City that is estimated at €1.255 billion. The rest of the top is dominated by Premier League sides with Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham. Liverpool achieved an impressive growth of 20 percent and now is worth €1.191 billion but they will surely continue to rise thanks to Jurgen Klopp.
The study conducted by Brand Finance shows that the Premier League is the most widely followed national competition across key European markets. The list is dominated by English clubs with 43 percent of total brand value and the Bundesliga follows closely behind with 13 clubs.