Tottenham Move Would Be Beneficial To Coutinho

UK clubs like Arsenal, Tottenham FC, Norwich City, Leicester City, and Arsenal have already made some acquisition. With this recent development, football fans are looking forward to an exciting season worldwide.
It appears that Tottenham still nurtures the interest to sign Barcelona’s Philippe Coutinho on a loan deal that lasts only for a season. We should not ignore the fact that for Premier League clubs, the summer transfer window closed yesterday.
The North London team will have to make a swift move to reach an agreement, one that is at equilibrium with the £80million valuation that Barcelona put on the Brazilian star. Football is unarguably a multi-billion dollar industry. It’s not surprising that football enthusiasts are constantly looking for ways to make extra money online.
What would coming to Tottenham means for Coutinho or the North London team? Below are what we think will happen if Coutinho finally gets signed by Tottenham before the transfer window shuts.

Coutinho’s return to the Premier League would suit him
Coutinho was signed by Blaugrana in the January transfer window from Liverpool for a whopping amount of £142million, with sky-high expectations among Barcelona fans, after trying so hard to sign him. All these great expectations, however, did not match Coutinho’s performance at Barcelona.
All the time Coutinho spent at Barcelona, he has always struggled to find his best form in Barcelona starting line-up. Due to Barcelona’s special way of playing with three forwards, things haven’t always been easy for the Brazilian playmaker.It is safe to say that Coutinho was never really used in his optimal position at Barcelona, just like he never really played forward for Liverpool.

Coutinho would do better at Tottenham
Should then rumors about Manchester United wanting to sign Christian Eriksen from Spurs be true, this would create an opportunity for Coutinho to wear the number 10 shirt, or even strike from the left. Although being a midfielder isn’t where Coutinho’s strength lies, he could also play in the center of the midfield.
Tottenham is armed to the teeth with brilliant attacking players like Lucas Moura, Dele Alli, Harry Kane, and Heung Min-Son. Adding Coutinho to this already powerful combo would make Tottenham a force to be reckoned with.

According to Sky Sports, Tottenham plan to offer Juventus the sum of £64.4million for Paulo Dybala is off. Other news has it that Tottenham also has an eye for Sporting Lisbon’s Bruno Fernandes and also Giovani Lo Celso. All three players mentioned are quite the Mercedes Benz of soccer players and would cost a fortune; despite that none of them has Premier League experience. Coutinho, on the other hand, is likely to cost a small loan fee. Putting the experience and cost into consideration, Coutinho may just be Tottenham’s best option before the transfer windows shut.
Things will change if Tottenham can meet all Barcelona’s requirements to sign Barcelona’s forward, Philippe Coutinho. This could be the best choice the team ever made when compared with signing Lisbon’s Bruno Fernandes or Giovani Lo Celso.
Not that these above-mentioned players aren’t good enough, but they do not have as much as the Premier League experience that Coutinho brings to the table. As you enjoy the thrill of the season, bet on your favorite sports with New Jersey sportsbook online.
Signing Countinho will not only help the team save some money but with the possibility of the player to wear the number ten shirt, pairing with other talented forwards on the team, Tottenham could pose a significant threat to other teams.
Here comes the big question:
Will Philippe Coutinho join Tottenham before the summer transfer window shuts?