Ranking the favourites to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup

As the first teams start to qualify, we have taken a preliminary look into who are the bookmakers’ favorites for winning the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

Not all teams have qualified yet, groups haven’t been drawn, squads are still unknown. It’s difficult to predict the winner of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will take place in November and December 2022. But that shouldn’t stop us from the fun of looking into who is the bookmakers’ favorite for becoming the next world champion and take the title from France (if they aren’t going to win again).

Five Stars
With the record for most World Cup wins, Brazil is the bookmakers’ top favorite for taking the sixth win of the proud football nation with average odds of 6.6. Brazil will be well motivated for this competition, as it might be Neymar’s last World Cup.
But closely you’ll find the current champions France with average odds of 7.0. The Frenchmen only reached the final 16 at the Euro 2020, so they will be set up for better results this time with their star players like Kylian Mbappé, Karim Benzema, Antoine Griezmann, and Paul Pogba.

Four stars
England (8.46) has found new glory for the national team. This summer England reached the final of Euro 2020, losing in penalties against Italy. This was England’s first final in the Euro’s/World Cup since 1966. Reaching the semifinals, Spain (8.92) was one of the best teams of Euro 2020, which introduced the new star player Pedri. As one of the most successful national teams in this century, just should never underestimate Spain’s chances.

Three stars
The reigning European champions Italy (11) weren’t the biggest favorites before Euro 2020. But with great tactics, they beat the rest of Europe and took the trophy. The lack of the biggest stars in the sport might be the reason why the odds for Italy winning are quite high. Follow all news on the Italian teams here.

Messi is having his last chance of winning the World Cup with Argentina (11.88). As a premier outsider, the winners of Copa America could easily go into the final like in 2014. Germany (10.63) might be a sleeping giant, but with four championships and the latest in 2014, you should never beat the team. Der Mannschaft was the first team to qualify for the World Cup when it beat North Macedonia 4-0.

Two stars
Despite leading the FIFA World Ranking, Belgium (12.25) still needs to prove, the team can do well in a championship and win the big titles. They might be an outsider, but not expected to win. Neither is Portugal (15.82), which will have its last World Cup with living legend Christiano Ronaldo. One of the most legendary national teams is for sure The Netherlands (17.42), who thrilled the world with total football in the 1970s. The team has underperformed in the 2010s and didn’t even qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

One star
Denmark (34.37)
Colombia (57.47)
Croatia (62.89)
Uruguay (62.74)
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