The Most Effective National Teams and Players of 2021

The international football year is over, the national teams will meet next in 2022, which means it’s time for a recap. Let’s dive into the statistics on the performance of the teams and players who would definitely win at th real money online casino Canada because of their fantastic luck and confident game

The Most Productive National Teams in 2021

10th place. Italy and Panama – 38 goals in 18 games (2.11 on average per game)
9th place. Algeria – 38 goals in 10 games (3.8)
8th place. Belgium – 39 goals in 17 matches (2.29)
7th place. Japan – 41 goals in 11 matches (3.73)
6th place. USA – 42 goals in 20 games (2.1)
5th place. Denmark – 45 goals in 18 games (2.5)
4th place. Netherlands – 46 goals in 16 matches (2.88)
3rd place. Germany – 50 goals in 16 matches (3.13)
2nd place. England – 51 goals in 19 matches (2.68)
1st place. Canada – 55 goals in 19 games (2.89)

Team Panama scored a third of its goals (13 of 38) in one match against Anguilla in the early qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup in the CONCACAF zone. The game ended 13-0.

The Japanese jumped into the rankings thanks to two World Cup spring qualifying matches where they scored 24 goals: a 14-0 rout of Mongolia and 10 unanswered goals against Myanmar.

The Netherlands’ 2-0 victory over Norway not only propelled the team into the final part of the 2022 World Cup, but also broke into the top 4 of the most prolific national teams of 2021. They beat Denmark, who after nine straight victories and winning a ticket to Qatar, allowed themselves to lose to the Scots (0-2) in the final match.

The German national team has scored 31 goals in seven fall matches of World Cup 2022. Thus, the average performance of the Bundesmanschaft under Hansi Flick amounts to a phenomenal 4.43 goals per game.

The Most Productive Players at International Level in 2021

6th-7th place. Romelu Lukaku (Belgium) – 11 goals in 12 games (0.92 goals per game)
6th-7th place. Robert Lewandowski (Poland) – 11 goals in 12 matches (0.92 goals per game)
5th place. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) – 13 goals in 14 matches (0.93)
3rd-4th place. Cyle Larin (Canada) – 14 goals in 13 matches (1.08)
3-4th place. Ali Mabkhout (UAE) – 14 goals in 13 matches (1.08)
2nd place. Harry Kane (England) – 16 goals in 16 games (1)
1st place. Memphis Depay (Netherlands) – 17 goals in 16 games (1.06)

Lukaku and Lewandowski are the top scorers in the history of their respective national teams by a huge margin from the nearest pursuers: Romelu scored 68 goals, Robert scored 74 times against Poland’s opponents.

Cristiano Ronaldo in 2021 became the most productive player of all time at the national team level. He caught up and overtook Iranian Ali Daei, to date he has 115 goals for Portugal. Each subsequent goal updates the record.

You may not have heard anything about the super goal scorer from the United Arab Emirates until today, but for Ali Mabkhout, 14 goals in a year is not the limit, he distinguished himself 19 times in 2019. In total, he has 79 goals in 98 games for the national team. Ali is only 31 years old and has many meetings ahead of him against India, Jordan, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka.